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Posted On Feb 24 2019

Abel Prasad is a writer , he is writing a personal blog, but also writing about many other topics. From short motivational texts to daily life advices, you can read a lot of interesting things on his personal blog.

He is also discussing about important topics at this time like losing weight or wisdom toughts.

Here is a small quote : We share an office in Kent Town and our neighbours have complained about numerous packages being stolen.

Many of the businesses around us are marketing companies, electronic suppliers and hydroponic stores….

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Abel is also running a hydro products / home brewing business, you can check it here https://hobbyhydroandhomebrew.com/. Here are some home brewing tips :

Aerate the Wort

These next 3 tips all deal with yeast. Why is yeast so important? Simple. Brewers make wort. Yeast makes beer. As brewers, we can’t control the billions of yeast cells charged with that lofty task, but we can certainly influence them and help them out along the way.

Boiling drives off the oxygen dissolved in the wort, which yeast needs for healthy reproduction. If that oxygen isn’t added back, the yeast can become stressed, leading to the development of off-flavors during fermentation. The cheapest way to aerate the wort is shaking the hell out of it for several minutes. Once you have the wort in a sealed, sanitized carboy or bucket, place a folded towel on the ground and vigorously rock the full carboy or bucket back and forth until it’s good and frothy. I do not recommend picking the carboy up and shaking it back and forth. Carboys are dangerous, brittle, and unforgivingly messy if dropped.

Get the big(ger) auto-siphon.

Whether you are transferring from the kettle to the primary fermentor or racking to the keg, the auto-siphon is your primary tool. Most beginning brewing setups include a 5/16″ auto-siphon. These usually cost about $10 when purchased on their own, but for just $4 more, you can get a ?” racking cane that will save you a ton of time getting that precious liquid moved from vessel to vessel. It wasn’t until my fortieth batch of homebrew that I moved to the larger size-something I wish I had done on batch one. Learn more about auto-siphons.

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