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Posted On Jan 5 2021

Lifestyle and fashion tricks for 2021? The BBC’s weekly The Boss series profiles different business leaders from around the world. This week we speak to Rwandan fashion designer Joselyne Umutoniwase. In 2010, Joselyne Umutoniwase took a bold decision. She had been working as a film editor for five years but decided to follow her dream of becoming a fashion designer. She made her first fashion collection and when she travelled from her home in Rwanda to Germany for a film scholarship, she took two suitcases stuffed with tops, skirts and dresses.

This footwear model, designed for women, men and children and sold exclusively online, has been produced in Menorca using recycled suede and tyres with the collaboration of the Castell firm of artisans. A few weeks ago, the brand launched its first capsule collection based on the circular economy, featuring recycled fibres of garments collected through the Second Chances project. BARCELONA, 25 June 2020 – Mango’s latest sustainability project is a new model of sandal designed and produced using artisanal techniques from recycled materials. The firm has developed this footwear, sold exclusively online, in collaboration with Castell, the Menorcan lineage of artisans famous for the manufacture of the island’s traditional espadrilles and shoes.

Socks are very often an overlooked item of underwear by men and not given the full consideration they deserve when looking to dress up an outfit. Why men seem to hold them with such little regard is bemusing. They are usually an after thought to an outfit, if that at all, and often regarded only for their practical function of having something between the foot and the shoe. However, the more fashion conscious and discerning males who appreciate the qualities of a fine pair of designer socks will reflect with puzzlement about how they ever managed to get by with only a handful of worn out and faded basic socks. For them, they are now part of a fellowship of men who can appreciate what a difference they can make to fulfilling a harmonious outfit. A good pair of socks is like what a ring is to marriage. They finish the package off and can bind the whole look together in a make or break sense. Find additional details at fashion lifestyle news.

Jewel tones are popular this season, so if opting to purchase a new piece THINK COLOR! Go for a great item in plum, pink, or berry tones. Blueberry counts! Also, unique to this season is gray velvet. Pick a steely gray pencil skirt and pair with a black chiffon blouse! Perfect for the office! Velvet has deep roots in history as being a symbol of nobility. Choose accessories that have a vintage feel. A great strand of pearls, art deco, chunky jewels, and long necklaces work perfectly with the plush fabric. However, remember to keep accessories simple! Velvet has it’s own luster and is a statement piece in itself. Pairing with too many accessories can leave you looking like overkill. If you are unsure of purchasing an entirely velvet piece, opt for accessories to start you off! Velvet is popular on shoes and commonly made into scarves. These are perfect winter accents for any outfit!

If you’re a yummy mummy or have a hectic day-to-day lifestyle such as a teaching job you don’t have to stick to the drab and comfortable look. Women’s boots are designed to suit each category. A fabulous pair of boots to go for would be knee length boots with a small heel and a rounded toe or a flat leather boot. The knee high boot with a small heel is a perfect option and, celeb mum’s such as Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson have often been spotted running their daily errands in a pair of these. They look great with jeans, leggings, over-sized cardigans, woolly tights and skirts and many other items that you will already have in your wardrobe. All you need to do is learn to play around with clothes you already have. Find more info at

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Written by Ilie Dumitrescu