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Posted On Aug 3 2020

Certified translation companies guides plus providers? Our goal is to provide exceptional notary services by taking the burden off your shoulders. Our services include but are not limited to printing of documents, mobile faxing, mobile scanning, document translation, split signings, deposition services, providing of witness, emergency apostille and many more. What is a Mobile Notary? A notary public or notary is a public servant or lawyer with Legal Training who’s authorized to take depositions, administer oaths, take acknowledgments, protest instruments allowed by law to be objected, and verify documents with no public records. As its name suggests, a public notary is a public servant who takes Official Oath of office to devotedly perform all the office’s duties.

The cost of translating your divorce certificate and other legal papers relating to the divorce will vary based on the length of those papers and the languages that you need. Most translators charge per word, so you should very quickly be able to establish the price for the translation of your legal documents. One thing to check here is whether the charge per word relates to the original language or the language that the document is being translated into. Different languages use different numbers of words to say the same thing, so this can have a surprising impact on price. Usually, professional translators charge based on the word count of the original document, but it doesn’t hurt to clarify this beforehand.

We provide the Fastest Apostille services in Houston. So, get your document apostille seals today. Generally speaking, an apostille is a unique ‘authentication certificate’ issued by the Secretary of State in Texas. Additionally, this certificate will attach to the back of the critical document to signify it is legitimate and authentic. Also, an apostille is adequate in 113 countries of the Hague Convention. How and when to Pay Charges? To conclude our payment policy is straightforward and at your convenience. So, we obtain the full amount, then start on filing the forms and submitting them to the S.O.S. Read extra details on

We are dedicated to providing you with the most accurate, efficient and reliable mobile notary services in Houston and other adjacent areas. We value our customers and know how to build strong, lasting relationships with customers. We take every task very seriously and get your work done in no time. Visit us today and start a fun and easy immigration application process and translation service today!

AZ Translation Service is a certified translation services company in Houston, providing assistance to immigrants and businesses in the area of visa, green card, citizenship application and document translations. First and foremost, Azadi Translation Service is an immigration consultancy and translation service company in Houston. Additionally, we provide assistance to immigrants in the area of visa, green card, citizenship application, as well as, document translation. Read additional information at legal document translation.

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